Portable Construction Site Office

Traditional construction buildings require a lot of on-site management. But with the modular building system, most of the work is done within the factory. The modular construction site office buildings are transported to the job site up to 90% complete. It speeds up the preparation work of the construction site.

flat pack construction site office building
Modular Construction Site Office
 construction site container office
Portable Construction Site Office
modular construction site container office
Construction Site Container Office

Portable Construction Office

The mobile portable site offices are required mostly by construction sites to provide space for the site management team, provide storage for building materials, provide accommodation for workers. It is important that site offices are comfortable, durable, and functional in all kinds of weather and site conditions.

WENSTEEL offers a wide variety of mobile prefabricated construction site office buildings, floor plans, configurations, options, and accessories to suit your needs. They can include reception spaces, offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, toilets, showers, changing facilities, lockers, storage, and so on. We can also customize your construction site office buildings according to your requirement.

modular workforce housing
modular construction dormitories

Temporary Construction Office

With more than 15 years of experience, WENSTEEL has been the top manufacturer of prefabricated buildings and modular containers. We have the full set of manufacturing facilities to produce durable and aesthetic prefab building materials. According to the site condition and function needs, the construction site offices can be structured as modular containers, prefabricated buildings.

The modular buildings are composed of containers, with electricity, water pipe, windows, doors set in each container unit. Each unit is connected to each other by the special lockers. The buildings can be single-storey to three-storeys by the stack-up of containers. The strong structure and durable performance make it the best solution for construction projects, mining fields.

If you looking for an affordable solution for your site office, we would recommend prefabricated buildings. The main structure of the prefabricated house is light steel frames and sandwich panels for the wall and roof. It is widely used as site office, workers dormitories, canteen, etc.


5 Benefits of Temporary Mobile Construction Site Offices

There are several benefits to choosing a prefabricated office building for your construction project.

Fast and affordable solution: The higher labor cost squeezes the construction business. In comparing to modular to traditional construction, the former is much faster and saves the cost by 30-50% at least.

High-quality and durable: You may worry about the quality of modular, but the truth is these structures are designed to meet the same building codes as traditional buildings. All the frames, walls, and components are produced and inspected by technicians. Further, the installation is done by trained workers.

ECO-friendly: The construction site offices offer high thermal and fire-proofing performance by adopting a special sandwich panel. The modular container buildings can be removed easily when they are no longer needed

Flexibility: The portable site offices also can go just about anywhere, even on remote sites. They can be temporary or semi-permanent and can be repurposed if the use changes, including expansion.

Multifunctional: The mobile site offices do not just provide office space, but a variety of other uses as well.  General contractors will typically choose these buildings for storage space, canteen, bathroom, meeting room, showers, and more. 

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