Military Temporary Housing

Army Temporary Housing

WENSTEEL is the leading supplier of modular containers and shelters to the military.  Our standard modular container unit meets the military’s rapid deployment requirements which means that your standard or customized containers and shelters can be shipped anywhere in the world via land, sea, or air. We have built a lot of experience over the years due to the number of projects that we have undertaken. We can build living military accommodations and shelters, such as sleeping units, offices, support units, fully equipped kitchen units, water treatment portable units, generator container units, freezer units, and many more. These manufactured army containers are for military camp accommodation projects. We have earned an exemplary reputation with large, renowned military contractor firms for routine and classified military acquisitions.

military container housing unit
containerized housing unit

Military Shipping Container

Normally the lead time of a Military Camp Housing project is very short.  The flat pack military container is an assembling steel structure product. It is produced in our factory in advance and would be quickly assembled on the site by three or four workers. The military camps require high environmental concealment. The color and design of the sidewalls of the military shelter container can be changed to fit in the environment. Full accessories can be available for Foldable Container, such as flooring system, lighting, air conditioner, door, window, furniture, etc. Foldable Containers can be line up or overlay to expand the area.


Modular Container for Army

Another sector of the government that has benefited from the durability and portability of modular building construction is the U.S. military. All military branches benefit from:

  • Modular Military Barracks and Bunkhouses
  • Military Shelters
  • Military Portable and Mobile Buildings
  • Offices and Swing Spaces
  • Cafeterias, Mess Halls, and Dining Halls
  • Modular Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF)
  • Modular Special Access Program Facilities (SAPF)
  • Blast Resistant Buildings
military containerized housing unit