Project Details

Customer Industry: School Classrooms

Building Solution: Modular container building

Floorplans: Two floors, Admin office, Classrooms

Total SQM: 216m2

Modular School Building

The modular container school building is built on an 18x18m site with an “X” layout, which naturally divides the site into 4 independent small squares. The supporting structure adopts a beam-column frame structure, such as floor slabs and non-load-bearing partition walls, which can be easily changed, making the division and combination of internal classroom spaces easy.
Because of the frame structure system, maintenance components, such as walls and railings, can be flexibly arranged, so that the modular school classroom faces the streets and courtyards to show maximum openness. Here herald the unlimited possibilities of education in the future, regardless of the educational model, the surroundings of the venue, or the size of the space.

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