Flat Pack Modular Containers

Stackable, modular container office and accommodation with flexible floor plans that pack down to 25% of its size to save transportation cost.

flat pack container building

Modular Container Specification

  • Measurement: 6055mm*2438mm*2896mm
  • Frame: Cold-formed galvanized steel frame, powder coating, complete welding
  • Roof: Galvanized color-coated steel sheet, rock wool insulation, aluminum-zinc color steel sheet ceiling
  • Floor: Fiber cement board, PVC leather
  • Wall panel: Aluminum-zinc colored steel sheet, with EPS/ glass wool/ rock wool insulation
  • Window: Double glazed windows with mosquito net and security bar
  • Door: Steel door
  • CEE power connectors in the recessed slot of the roof frame
  • Electricity and lighting are included
  • Various extra equipment options available

Flat Pack Container Layout

  • The flat pack modular container system is designed to be used alone or be joined horizontally or vertically for a larger space.
  • Due to the interchangeable panel design, a single flat pack container can be designed to fit any floor plan specification, like two-sharing accommodation, a single en-suite, or a mixed ablution container.
  • Standard flat pack containers are fitted with one door, two windows, and all electrical fittings.
  • Additional fittings are available to add extras such as aircon, showers, toilets, security bars etc.
flat pack suite accomodation shipping container
flat pack double suite accomodation

What You Could Benefit From Our Product

With 15 years of manufacturing experience, we keep improving our quality and production skills.

flat pack modular container office

WenSteel has 10+ years of manufacturing experience specializing in the production of flat pack modular containers, with an annual production ability of 12000 sets of flat pack containers.

auto powder coating line

WenSteel produces only high-quality flat pack containers. All the frames are made of galvanized steel and painted with powder coating. The lifetime of a container could last for 15 years.

walkway container

Besides the standard flat pack container, we still have a full range of facilities are available for your choice. Such as the roof, corridor, canopy, staircase, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Various Applications of Modular Containers

The flat pack container system is the perfect solution for temporary or semi-permanent accommodation or working space.

prefab office building
Flat Pack Container Office Building
construction site office
Flat Pack Construction Site Office
workforce housing program
Modular Container Workforce Housing
modular school buildings
Modular Container School Classroom
temporary workforce housing_
Flat Pack Container Hospital
modular tactical shelter
Modular Military Container Camp


1. Flatpacked: The flat-pack container system can be transported completely knocked down (CKD). You could save 75% of transportation cost than a standard shipping container.

2. Modular: A single flat pack container unit can stand alone or combined horizontally to create a larger open space, or stacked vertically up to 3 stories.  We could design and assemble as your request.

3. Safe & Durable: The flat-pack container frame is made from cold-formed galvanized steel, which greatly increased the strength. The wall panels are made from a fire-resistant mineral wool sandwich board. The flat pack container building has over 15 years lifetime, seismic resistance to 8 degrees, wind resistance to 11 degrees.

4. Fast assembling: 4 trained workers can install one flat pack container within 3 hours. The flat pack container also can be assembled in the factory and then transferred to the site.

5. Various applications: The flat-pack container system is the perfect solution for a temporary or semi-permanent camp or commune. It is widely used at mines, construction sites, and other places where accommodation is needed. A two-story building can easily be created by simply stacking two flat pack container units – maximizing the available floor area.

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