Flat Pack Container Houses

Stackable, modular container office and accommodation with flexible floor plans that pack down to 25% of its size to save transportation cost.

Container Building Application

portable dormitories

Portable Dormitory

modular storage container

Modular Storage Container

portable container office

Modular Container Office

modular container hotel

Container Hotel

portable container office

Portable Container Office

tactical shelter container

Tactical Shelter Container

container warehouse

Container Warehouse

portable container school

Portable Container School

Interior Designs
modular container office
portable container houses
container dining house
portable container showerroom

Specification & Installation & Shipping

4 sets be packed as a 20FT SOC

6 sets be packed in a 40HQ


External Dimensions


L6055mm*W2435mm*H2896mm (external)

L6055mm*W2435mm*H665mm (flat packed)

BaseFrame: cold formed and completed welding
Floor: waterproof plywood/ fiber cement board/ Bolivian magnesium board + PVC vinyl floor finishing
Option:additional insulation and forklift
RoofCFrame: cold formed and completed welding
Roof: galvanized color-coated steel sheet + rock wool insulation + color-coated steel sandwich panel ceiling + particleboard ceiling finish
Options: roof beams filled with insulation/ profiled welding roof sheet
Corner PostsCold bending profiles
Option: corner post filled with insulation
Wall PanelsColor steel sandwich panels/ Chipboard for internal
Insulation material: EPS/ glass wool/ rock wool/ PU
WindowsSliding window/ Tilt window
Option: fly screen, theft-proof bar, rolling blind
DoorsSteel door/ aluminum alloy door
Electrical SystemCircuits concealed
PaintGalvanized treatment + base coat + finish coat

Interior Layouts

flat pack modular office shipping container

Flatpack Office

flat pack twin sharing cabing shipping container

Twin Sharing Accommodation

flat pack suite accomodation shipping container

Single En-Suite

flat pack double suite accomodation

Double En-Suite

flat pack ablution shipping container

Flatpack Mixed Solution

flat pack shower shipping container

Flatpack Shower

Flat Pack Containers: Assembly Process

Flat-pack bundles can be loaded in a 20’/40′ container.

Lift the roof and reveal the full kit.

Assemble the corner posts and the roof.

Slide in the pannels and connect the wiring.

Fully assembled modular container ready for use.




1. Flatpacked: The system can be transported completely knocked down (CKD). Transportation of the units is 75% more efficient than a standard converted container.

2. Modular: Single modules can easily be joined across both a longitudinal and transverse plane, allowing for open plan halls and larger accommodation structures to be designed and assembled as required.

3. Durable: The modular frame is manufactured from cold-formed steel, resulting in reduced weight and increased strength. The panels are made from a combination of a painted steel sheet metal exterior, with non-combustible mineral wool insulation.

4. Mobile: Single modules can easily be moved, once on-site, using a forklift or sling crane.

5. Stackability: The modular system allows for the quick and simple erection of a temporary or semi-permanent camp or commune. Perfect for use at mines, construction sites and other places where accommodation is in short supply. A double-story structure can easily be created by simply stacking two assemble single units – maximizing the available floor area.

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