WenSteel helps temporary building users by top-end turnkey manufacturing.

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WenSteel Factory in Huizhou, China

As the top supplier in temporary building manufacturing, Guangzhou Zhongwen Construction Industrial Co. Ltd. has been successfully supplying customized container houses, prefabricated buildings for over 15 years thanks to extensive know-how and expertise.

With cutting edge of craftsmanship​, we offer worldwide industry coverage, like labor accommodation, warehouse, site office, portable classrooms, refugee housing, tactical shelters, etc. With a more than 32000 sqm factory located in Guangdong, China. , Guangzhou Zhongwen Construction Industrial Co. Ltd. has established a very close relationship with many large companies home and abroad. With a rich passion for our business, we are continually pushing the limits of our know-how to provide high-quality, innovative, and eco-friendly product solutions for clients.

Plants and facilities

Profile Handling Plant

Profile Bender

Auto Powder Coating

Assembly Plant

Shipment Area

Office Building

Some key moments in WenSteel’s growth