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We have been a leading manufacturer of flatpack modular container buildings and prefabricated buildings in Guangdong, China since 2013.

Our products are known for their durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. They have been widely used across various industries, serving as modular container offices, job site dormitories, temporary refugee housing, portable school rooms, and more.

Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that we meet the diverse needs of our global client, providing reliable and efficient solutions for any project.

Mr. Lau

CEO & Founder

Founder-Mr. Lau
Founder of Wensteel, giving speech on the opening ceremony of new factory.
This is the first year we start the modular container business.
This is our first small factory. No fancy decoration, just a humble start.
In this year, we moved to bigger factory.
The opening ceremony of our new company .
In this year, we started a big and standard modular container factory.
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Our story

10+ Years of Experience


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How We Copperate

Discover seamless teamwork through clear communication, shared goals, mutual respect,
and innovative strategies for achieving collective success.

Online Consultation

Our expert will provide the personalized consultation to meet your requirements.

Free Design

If you need, we can assist you to design the container building and the room layout.

Quick Production

We keep stock for standard parts. Normally it takes 7 days to deliver a 40HQ container order.

QC & Shipping

Due to big capacity, sea shipping are mostly adopted with full QC before shipping.


We will provide free online instruction or paid onsite engineer service for installation.

24/7 Support

Our team support is available to reach out by 24/7 on your demand.

A Glance of Our Projects

Our modular container building projects are diverse and innovative, covering various fields. This glimpse offers a peek into our achievements and potential. Discover the excitement within!

modular container office building space
Modular Office Buildings

Modular office buildings are innovative and flexible structures constructed off-site and assembled on location. They offer rapid deployment, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, meeting diverse business needs. These prefabricated modular container units ensure high-quality standards and can be customized to fit specific requirements, providing a versatile solution for modern workspaces.

construction site office
Modular Construction Site Housing

Modular construction site housing offers a flexible and efficient solution to the housing needs of temporary and permanent workers. Prefabricated off-site and rapidly assembled on-site, these modular container units provide cost-effective, high-quality living spaces that can be easily relocated or expanded, ensuring adaptability to changing workforce demands.

temporary workforce housing_
Mining/Oil/Gas Camp Housing

Mining camp accommodation offers essential, comfortable living quarters for workers in remote locations. These facilities, also ideal for oil & gas accommodation, provide modern amenities and communal spaces. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the workforce camp housing ensures productivity and well-being, supporting the demanding needs of the mining and energy industries.

modular school buildings
Portable Classroom Buildings

Portable classroom buildings are versatile, temporary structures designed to address the need for additional educational space. The modular school buildings provide a quick and flexible solution for schools facing overcrowding or undergoing renovations. These modular units are easily relocatable and can be customized to ensure a comfortable learning environment for students.

modular container temporary hospital
Modular Container Hospital

Modular hospital buildings, especially those using modular containers, offer numerous advantages. These modular hospitals provide rapid deployment, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions for emergency and remote medical care. Their quick assembly and transportability make them ideal for disaster relief, ensuring timely healthcare services where needed most.

modular military container housing
Military Container Housing

Modular container housing, ideal for military container housing, offers numerous advantages. These shipping container housing units are durable, quickly deployable, and cost-effective, making them perfect for an army housing camp. Their portability and adaptability ensure efficient use in various terrains, enhancing the flexibility and readiness of military operations.


Let's Work on Your Next Container Building Project.

Let us know your ideas of the project, we will get back to you within 8 hours.

We are a professional manufacturer of modular container buildings and prefabricated buildings in China, with more than 10+ years experience since 2013.

We are a manufactuer with factory located in Huizhou, which is one hour trip from Guangzhou. 

Share your idea of modular container buildings with us, we will come up with design, production and delivery. 

We do full quality check before shipping for every shipment.

We require 30-50% deposit depending on projects, and balance before shipment.

We produce 2000 sets of modular containers per month.

We have stock for standard parts. Normally it takes 7 days to deliver a 40HQ shipping container (8sets)

We offer one year guarantee for our products.

The MOQ is one set of modular container.

We can communicate by phone, email, or meet.